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Black and white

When the shadows fall on your face, I can see, you don't love your life. It shows your bad side. Your anger. Your Scars. Your fear. Your dead. Just you!

Why does people think they're happy, when someone on the other side of the world suffer? Why do we think just about ourselves? Why do we help other people less? Why do we laugh when other cry?

Mistakes makes everybody. You can learn or ignore them. Why do we ignore them? Why we're ashamed about them? Why don't we learn from EVERY mistake? Can't we?

The Night is black, the day ist white. The sun is shining apart. Why does some soules are black, too? Why are other ones white? Why can we become killer? Why do some people allready became killer? Why can't some other don't think about? Don't we all the same? Don't we all people? Don't we got human rulez like animals?

We call us smart. 'cuz we drink out of jars. 'cuz we can make und use Computers. 'cuz we can talk. Why we're so damn smart? Why don't the animals? Why did we made PCs? Ain't we already too smart for this word? I mean: Why do we distrubed our on world??? Tell me...why?


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